HESE-products for gravel road maintenance (all year)

Hese 1000-tractor grader system

For road maintenance professionals

Hese- basic machine is patented, two winged plate. In hese wings can be turned by using heavy cylinders in different working positions. Because of strengt both wings have their own joint to basic structure. It's easy to attach many different extra equipments to basic machine.

HESE – work machine system

Patented mould board system
For maintenance of roads and areas
Summer – Fall – Winter – Spring

HESE 10-series


HESE-work machines saves:

  • fuel
  • service
  • tractor

and the most important - the driver!

Working options

HESE - multifunction butt plates are formulated mainly by:

  • frame
  • changeable wings
  • middle foot
  • hyrdaulic cylinders
  • hoses and quick couplers

HESE - multifunction butt plate suits in it's basic form fro a snow machine to contractors and also for private use.

  • working widths 3600, 4200 and 4800
  • correctly formed upright blade stops snow from running away over the blade
  • plowing can be done right along a buildings wall
  • snow will not escape from the sides
  • collection width can be changed while driving, so avoiding obstacles is possible
  • plowing while backing
  • piling snow by backing, ascending angle even 45 degrees
  • cleaning of intersections is efficient (going/return driving habits)
  • driving positions


You will never do a wrong decision concerning size when you purchase HESE, because only the mould boards have differences between different sizes and in HESE the mould boards are changeable. Therefore the 3,6m machine can be changed into 4,8m machine at once, only by changing wings, because the technology stays separated.

By adding a Tilt-cylinder, the machines features of use diversity and winter machine transforms immediately into snowless seasons multifunction machine for clearing, repairing and finishing roads, areas, forest roads etc. By isntalling a hydraylic middle foot, which comes as a extra equipment, you get excellent extra weatures, such as clearing rocks and stumps, driving bases for forest roads with middle foots support, spreadin snow banks etc...

Only imagination sets bars!

Many extra equipment are already available for HESE, such as intermediate blade, support wheels, clearing hook, summer blade and more is to come, after the tests are finished.

Hese system can replace many other work machines.

because of strong structure manufacturer of HESE provides 2 years quarantee.




HESE - basic machine


Hese - basic machine is a 2-winged butt plate, in which strong cylinders are used to turn the wings horizontally to different working positions.

Basic machines main blade is attached by welding and it is made out of Hardox special steel. Consumption blades can be attached on a both sides if necessary.

Mould board can be changed longer of shorter if necessary.

Upright tilt can be achieved with tilt cylinder, which comes a as extra equipment or with a ordinary hydraulic push handle.


The basic machine of City hese is 1000-36. The wings reverse proportion has been modified by reducing stroke of the cylinders.

The driving position of City Hese, when the mould boards are turned front (in rear lifting devices), is in the narrowest smaller than the tractors width.


HESE - alueaura

Hese can be connected either to tractors front lifting device or rear lifting device.



Road care package includes, in addition to the Hese-basic machine, intermediate blade and wheels and it is suitable for maintenance of the roads around the year.



HESE attached to the tractors rear lifting device.

Transportation position (wings behind)
HESE 4800 1438 mm
HESE 4200 1338 mm
HESE 3600 1221 mm
CITY HESE 3022 mm

Wings turned front
HESE 4800 3884 mm
HESE 4200 3424 mm
HESE 3600 2964 mm
CITY HESE 2383 mm (transportation position)


HESE 3600 - 4800




1. HESE tractor grader system for gravel road maintenance can be used the whole year.
2. New HESE grader system is in Latvia and demonstration can be arranged if needed.
3. HESE system can be installed in front and rear/back side( Necessary horse power for tractor is starting from 170 ZS);
4. Latest product DEMO videos are here:

5. Technical details:

Offered price is for one full set of HESE: 1pc. Hese 1000-48(REAR MODULE), 1 pc. Hese frontal module, 1 pc – Joystick control.-that is full necessary road maintenance set.
System is made so that it needs one hydraulic outlet (60-80 litres/minute) in order to ensure HESE modules steering.
Steering is done by joisticks and switches.
Lifting and lowering hydraulic gears are constantly in operation in order to lift up HESE or lower it down according the the need.
For HESE quotation please call+37129207407 or write to: j.siklis@balticsalesagency.com