Completed Projects


For projects starting after November 2014, you can find all of the major events of the Baltic Sales Agency on Twitter: @JanisSiklis

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15.12. The Agrotops magazine December 2014 publishes an article on the BSA completed project of digestate [manure + maize] drying at SIA Pampāļi biogas plant.
BSA represents the company New Eco Tec (Germany)
You can read the article here!

1.12. BSA signs a contract with Viexpo Oy and 8 Finnish manufacturers involved in the BSA-led Baltic export project.

10.11. BSA signs a cooperation agreement with ArskaMetalli Oy.

30.10. BSA actively promotes to Finnish companies the opportunity to participate in the BSA-led Baltic export project.

12.09. BSA signs a cooperation agreement with Finn-ELOX Oy.

13.0 8.BSA arranged the Mavitek Tiekoneet Oy grader system demonstration for VAS State Ro

14.07. BSA prepares marketing file template for sending to Finnish companies.

30.05. BSA together with Viexpo Oy participates in a joint Baltic Export network project meeting in Tampere, Finland.

12.05. BSA finds the first buyer for Valtavalo Oy LED tubes in France.

2.05. BSA signs a contract with Viexpo Oy (Finland) on the export management and marketing services for five Finnish companies. This project is co-financed by the Finnish government. Project website:

28.04. BSA and New Eco Tec (Germany) sign a contract for sales outsourcing services in the Baltic States and Finland.

11.03. BSA participates in the CeBit 2014 in Germany and represents the Finnish company Meliora's interests.

26.02. BSA has supplied FAN separators to Agro Lestene biogas plant in Lestene, Latvia.

18.02. BSA finds its first customer, Meliora Oy SaaS software solution in Germany.

11.02. BSA prepares a Latvian Rural Development Plan 2014 to 2020 for English translation to Finnish companies.

4.02. BSA participates in the Finnish government's development agency ELY -Keskus Kivinet Tampere conference dedicated to Finnish export service providers and technology companies.

10.01. BSA signs a representation agreement with the Bauer Group (Austria), the farm equipment sales in the Baltic countries.

8.01. BSA has supplied FAN separator by EcoGen SIA biogas plant "EcoZeta".

2.01. BSA has supplied digestate solids content detection equipment to Romur Ltd. Iecava biogas plant.


1.12. BSA signs a contract with the Finnish software testing (SaaS solution) Developer Meliora Oy for German market development and BSA participation at CeBit 2014.

25.11. BSA signs a cooperation agreement with the new Business Development Manager for Finland.

29.09. BSA signs a contract with the Finnish company Oy Pineline for market research in 8 Baltic Sea area countries.

20.09. BSA signs a contract with Agro Lestene for Fan separator delivery.

23.07. BSA participates in the biggest exhibition of subcontractors in Finland - Tampere ALIHANKINTA 2013.

18.07. BSA signs agency agreement with Industrial drying equipment manufacturer - New Eco Tec(Germany) for Baltic states and Finland.

19.07. BSA delivers Fan separator for SIA Liepaja Coffee.

30.05. NEW Eco Tec (Germany) delivers digestate drying equipment for SIA Pampāļi biogas plant, which was sold by BSA. More information on this and other BSA sold equipment for biogas plants in Latvia:

23.05. BSA signs a contract with the Finnish company Oy Valopaa (VNT Management investment fund) for sales outsourcing services focusing on French market.

15.03. BSA delivers Fan separator to Priekules Siltums SIA biogas plant in Priekule.

8.03. BSA signs a contract of employment with the new sales manager for the Norwegian market.

26.02. BSA signs a contract with Kalna tomeni SIA for Bauer S 655 separator delivery.

18.02. BSA signs a contract with the Finnish company Finnish Steel Painting for Norwegian market research and key customer database preparation.

8.02. BSA completes UK power plants market research for US company Aerofin.

8.01. BSA has supplied FAN separator to Bio Auri biogas plant in Kroņauce.

8.01. BSA has recruited new regional sales managers for the Finnish market.