Management Consulting

BSA customer- Janis Kols (ex-general shareholder of Latvijas Energo Celtnieks(LEC) video reference here:

Janis Kols, Ex-general shareholder, Latvijas Energo Celtnieks(LEC)

BSA has secured more than 5 MUSD contract for LEC and totally above 25 Million EUR for all BSA customers globally.

Other key customer video references here:

Management Consulting

The Baltic Sales Agency offers sales and management consulting for the successful development of your business.

Baltic Sales Agency CEO Janis Siklis will evaluate your current portfolio of technology, products or equipment that you offer or intend to offer, prepare and train your company's sales team to work with different(winning) sales strategies and tactics, and propose a proven(unique) successful sales process.

Janis Siklis offers individualized advice and consulting for business owners and management. Based on his unique 23 years of sales experience, he can ensure the fastest possible sales revenue and successful business development strategy in global export markets for your company by using different marketing and sales strategies.

The Baltic Sales Agency can offer your company implementation of the sales process in international markets, including sales outsourcing and advice on matters of interest to your company's owners and managers.

If you are interested in this Baltic Sales Agency offer and you want to quickly and efficiently improve your company's sales results in global target markets, please write to: or call +371 29207407.