Diverse raw materials for several customer segments!

The goal of Finn-Chem Oy is to be the most reliable, the highest quality and the most accomplished supplier of raw materials on the European market. We maintain a high standard of service, offering the best possible customer-orientation and flexible service. We tailor our raw material services to meet your needs. We are located in southern Finland.

Our business idea is to deliver a wide variety of raw materials for multiple business segments. Our customers operate in chemical industry, food industry, public sector organisations and retailing. The majority of our raw materials come directly from well-known and reliable raw material manufacturers from around the world. We mainly procure raw materials in bulk and sell them to customers in containers of their choosing. We also offer the option for customers to use their own containers. We are also effective in sourcing more uncommon raw materials for our customers in smaller shippings as well.

Private storage and efficient logistics

Our storage and logistics are both efficient and reliable. We have our own raw material storage that can also be used to store flammable fluids, as well as an extensive storage tank field. Our warehouse is located in a logistically efficient location next to a logistics terminal.

Environmentally friendly business

Environmental issues are a key part of our operation. Our business has been granted an environmental permit. We are a facility that handles chemicals extensively, and we are monit

focuses particularly on the efficient use of energy. We also take care to ensure that our facilities are tidy and our waste is recycled. All of our operations adhere to international laws and regulation ored by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency. We are fully committed to reducing the environmental load caused by our business throughout our entire chain of operations.

We offer extensive support to our customers

We also offer support for our customers in matters related to safety data sheets, REACH, environmental legislation and chemical safety by helping with any problems or questions that may arise. We want to be our customers' number one supplier of raw material and extensive support!

Finn-Chem Oy's products, containers and auxiliary services

Denatured alcohol and denaturation chemicals
Water chemicals
Road salts
Recycled raw materials

Plus an extensive range of other products!

Not all of our products are listed on our web pages. Please contact us and we'll see if we can offer you the products you need!


Liquids: Containers dependent on the product, 20 L and 30 L canisters, 200 L barrel, 1,000 L IBC container, bulk deliveries also possible,

Solids: Containers dependent on the product, from small 1 kg packages to large 1,000 kg sacks.

Customer container refills in volumes chosen by the customer also available.

Choose the container size that's right for you!

Auxiliary services

We offer our customers extensive and affordable consultation on operational safety bulletins, REACH and environmental services and chemical safety.

In addition, we offer expert help in formulating chemical products and chemical analyses.

The environment and our business

Finn-Chem Oy is fully committed to reducing the environmental load caused by its business throughout the entire chain of operations: from the manufacturing of raw materials to transportation, packaging, storage and management. To this end, our business focuses particularly on the efficient use of energy. We also take care to ensure our facilities are clean and our waste is recycled. All our operations adhere to international laws and regulations. Environmental issues are a key part of our operations!

We also offer services to our customers in matters related environmental issues. We would be happy to help you with issues such as environmental legislation and permits, for example.

Transportation and raw material manufacturers

We strive to minimise transportation emissions by procuring our raw materials in bulk and from as nearby as possible. We prioritise manufacturers that take environmental issues into account in their own operations. We also source and sell recyclable raw materials. We are located in a logistically effective location, right next to Highway 3 near the Tampere intersection and right beside a Kaukokiito terminal. Thanks to our excellent location, our deliveries are fast and effective. Our products are delivered on trucks certified to transport hazardous materials, and we make sure that our drivers are professionally qualified. We also use environmentally-friendly electronic cargo manifests in our transport.

Storage and containers

Our warehouse is located on an industrial estate and is equipped with a basin. Possible leaks are collected from the separation tank and delivered to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Our warehouse also includes regulation-compliant ATEX spaces for the safe storing, handling and packing of flammable liquids. We favour recyclable packaging materials and also support our customers to use their own reusable containers. Our containers are fully compliant with the directives on the transportation and packaging of hazardous materials, including those relating to the reduction and reutilisation of packaging materials. For example, all our canisters are UN-certified containers. All the labels of our raw material containers fully adhere to current legislation and are based on the operational safety bulletins of the products.

Environmental permit and REACH

Our business has been granted an environmental permit. We are a facility that extensively handles chemicals, and we are monitored by the Safety Technology Authority TUKES. We consider the safety of our raw materials to be as important as the environmental issues, and we have included these in our environmental programme. Our operations also unconditionally comply with REACH, the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use.

Energy efficiency

Our facilities are designed with the efficient use of energy in mind. We preserve the environment by using as little heat and electricity in our operations as possible. For example, the ventilation of our facilities is automatically adjusted. In addition, temperatures are also automatically adjusted to outside temperatures. We also save energy by keeping loading bay doors open only during loading and unloading. Pumps are used only when necessary. For the filling raw material containers, we use a self-pressure system, in which liquids are drained into their containers by their own pressure.

Cleanliness and waste

All raw material pallets and containers. We gather up all the plastic and cartons from incoming raw materials and reuse them whenever possible. We take environmental issues into account in our office as well, for example by recycling and sorting waste. We also favour environmentally-friendly electronic invoices.

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