FINDOOR — The Champion of Folding Doors

Findoor has been manufacturing industrial doors since 1989. Production takes place in our own facilities in Ii, Finland. Starting from high-quality raw materials which are used by our professionals to build tailored door to our customers ' specific needs and wishes. Findoor folding doors are also exported to Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia.and now the focus is on Baltic states.

Because the Findoor folding doors are tailored makes them suitable for most purposes. Self-supporting "Sandwich construction" makes them lightweight and maintenance free without further adjustment. Sandwich construction ensures good heat insulation and easy manageability.

Folding doors

Findoor folding doors saves space, which ensures flexible solutions for our customers. Self-supporting doors with "Sandwich construction" is lightweight and keeps the heat inside. Self-supporting construction makes the doors maintenance-free and easy to manage. Findoor folding doors does not need to be adjusted or maintained. The doors can be fitted with a smaller entrance door. Findoor sealing sheets are made of weather-resistant EPDM rubber and the door itself is water-resistant. Multiple finishing options and colors are available. Findoor has also managed to minimize the amount of moving parts which minimizes service. Findoor folding doors can open both in-or outward.

Here are some examples where our doors can be used:

  • airports
  • fire stations
  • industrial halls
  • production halls
  • agricultural real estate
  • workshops
  • garage
  • laundry facilities
  • storage buildings


The image below (on the left) is an example of Rautaruukki's steel sheet that is coated on both sides for tough durability and to withstand various weather conditions.

  • coating
  • primer
  • passivation layer
  • zinc layer
  • steel plate
  • background paint

The protection seal between the door leaves guarantees safe usage and firmness (see the image on the right).


Mounting surfaces and space requirements

The bottom door seals (1+1) is a good solution even in heavy usage.

Findoor's upper door seal is between the door and the wall. Its known characteristics are sufficient spacing and reservation that prevents cold bridging.


Side sealing and windows

The windows are made of thermal glass 2K4-9 that are good at insulating, light transmission and are easy to clean.

The side seals ensures firmness between the wall and the door that enables the door to maintain the original shape.


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